Software solutions for Client reporting, Document & Information Management and (Financial) Webportals.

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FinFiles is a trusted software partner for the Investment Management industry and its clients. We enable banks, asset managers and pension funds to streamline their data and information across websites, portals, tools and documents to increase efficiency.


For the publication of information about mutual funds, ETFs and index funds, FinFiles has created the FundScreener. The FundScreener allows advisors and investors alike to screen fund data, compare funds and make PDF snapshots with up-to-date data. The FundScreener can be modually modified to fit your needs and can be integrated completely in your brand style.

FundScreener connects to any datavendor, or a combination of vendors to bring the optimal information to your end users.

DocLibrary Platform

With our DocLibrary platform and database we provide asset and wealth managers, banks, pension funds, investors, advisors and prospects with the most complete, accurate and up to date (legal) documentation of investment products. PRIIP KIDs, KIIDS (UCITS), prospectuses, monthly factsheets and (semi)annual reports are amongst the most used documents in our universe.

Wealth Management Suite

Our wealth management suite is a complete solution; connect to custodian banks, onboard new customers and manage your clients and their portfolios, create a responsive client portal including client reporting. It is seamlessly integrated to our DocLibrary platform for compliant publication and distribution of all legal documents for your investment products.


Our experts offer in depth consulting services related to Process automation, Data & Document Management, Digital Strategy, Online presence, and omni channel strategy for Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and Pension funds

Document Management

With the upcoming regulation of MIFID II and PRIIP KIDs, availability of current investment product documentation is becoming increasingly important. Managing such information usually takes a lot of time and effort, increasing substantially for larger universes. To help distributors solve this problem, FinFiles has developed state of the art software that, in combination with expert database managers, provides the highest possible level of accuracy. As we manage this system for many different clients, we can keep the cost relatively low and the quality best of class. Use our standard software to publish the documents, or simply use our APIs to connect your existing systems to our database.

active products

PRIIP KID database

On the 9th of november 2016, the European Commission announced that the PRIIP KID regulation has been postponed to be effective as of January 1st 2018. As of this date, asset managers and distributors of Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance Products (PRIIPs), are obligated to provide their clients with an up-to-date document containing the basic relevant information about every PRIIP. 
The lay-out and content are dictated by regulation related to MIFID II. UCITs products benefit of the transitional pardon laid down in the regulation, by which they will have two years time extra to implement this canvas. 

FinFiles was already able to provide all the required documents before January 2nd 2017; we have 98% of the Dutch market and close to 90% of the European market covered, and additional instruments will be added shortly. If you are looking to plan a solution for PRIIP KID distribution on time, please feel free to contact us.

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