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FinFiles’ screening software empowers asset owners to gain comprehensive insights into their universe of investment products. Thanks to extensive research, the software excels in user-friendliness and speed.

A variety of data sources can be seamlessly integrated, allowing users to add, maintain, and align their own information within a management environment tailored to diverse audiences. The software also facilitates the creation, storage, and distribution of standardized reports to external stakeholders.

Additionally, the software features advanced SEO improvements, ensuring optimal online visibility. 

Products & Solutions

Document Library

A fully compliant and state-of-the-art solution that collects, controls and disseminates all legal docs you need for your investors.


The leading exchange platform for regulatory & ESG data and legal documentation for all pan-European investment funds, ETFs and ETPs.

Data Management

Control, streamline and publish your investment fund, ETF or ETP universe in the most efficient, compliant and easy way to connect to any (internal) portal, app or website.

SFDR/Taxonomy Reporting

A data-agnostic portal to gather your SFRD & Taxonomy portfolio data from external and internal data providers. Streamline your SFRD process and create and file SFDR reports.